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BIWIN to Open European Headquarters

Leading SSD & memory manufacturer expands to European market Amsterdam, The Netherlands-- BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (BIWIN) is expanding its business and product portfolio to Europe's B2B and B2C channels.


A one-stop storage solution provider, BIWIN produces SSDs, embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, and customization services — not only under BIWIN or BIWINTECH brands but the company also has official licenses to produce storage and memory products under the HP brand.  


“We're setting up our European office in Amsterdam,” says Rafael A. Poeckling, Managing Director for Europe. “At the center of Europe, Amsterdam offers the perfect location for BIWIN to establish our European Headquarter offices, to coordinate the European sales network and support our channel partners, starting with Benelux, Germany, Spain and Portugal.”


As well as BIWIN's own brands, initial sales in EMEA will concentrate on BIWIN's channel strategy featuring HP-branded SSD (portable, as well as internal SATA and M.2) and DRAM for B2C as well as B2B customers through HP's global licensing program. 


Forbes, Financial Times, Interbrand, Boston Consulting Group — all the surveys rank HP as one of the world’s top brands.,” notes Poeckling. “You can imagine how hard it is, how many benchmarks you have to pass before HP will let you bring products to market under their HP brand name.”


HP says its brand licensee needs to offer a distinctive high-quality product, have strong consumer sales and distribution expertise, and be a leader in its field. The licensee must also have a passion for customer satisfaction, and should be committed not only to promoting, but protecting, the HP brand name


“It's no wonder we will start in Europe by bringing the HP storage and memory catalogue to the EMEA distributors, retailers, e-tailers and resellers whose customers already respect the best-selling HP brand for computing products.”


                                          More than 25 years of experience in memory development and business

As a well-respected manufacturer, BIWIN is focused on state-of-the-art engineering, firmware development, hardware design packaging and testing technology since more than 25 years. In developing its comprehensive storage solutions and advanced System-in-Package (SiP)-based technology, as well as high-level testing services, BIWIN is a favorite go-to memory and storage provider to customers worldwide.


For one example of their technology, the BIWIN PH001 AIC SSD (the flagship new product for high-end consumer users and data center customers) supports read-intensive workloads that require higher random write performance and durability. With capacity up to 32 TB, BIWIN PH001 adopts PCIe Gen 4x4 interfaces and the NVMe 1.4 protocol. It has 16 NAND channels and is optimized for low latency storage class memory (SCM), achieving 7GB/s highest sequential read speed and 6.1 GB/s sequential write speed with its random read performance being as high as 1.5 million IOPS.


You'll find BIWIN's products in a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, laptops, smart watches and smart TVs from well-known manufacturers.   BIWIN's ultra-small, ultra-thin eMMC and ePOP lead the way in empowering the latest in Wearable Storage where size has been one of the key factors limiting both appearance and function of wearable devices, enabling further miniaturization.


Looking into the future world of 5G-supported IoT, BIWIN provides customized embedded storage solutions for end users in different industries according to the principle of "thousands of solutions for thousands of customers", the cornerstone of the emerging IoT-everywhere era.


“BIWIN is a global-class producer and we're excited about the opportunity to introduce BIWIN in Europe,” adds Poeckling. “This is a manufacturer that distributors and the channel can trust because of its product licenses are regularly checked by the brands before awarding global rights. Do you think HP would put its name on anything but quality products? And it’s a company with significant technology that will play a role in the future of storage and memory for computing, wearables, IoT, video surveillance and even industry 4.0.”


About BIWIN: Founded in Shenzhen in 1995, BIWIN is one of the Top 10 storage chip manufacturers in China. With more than 25 years of experience in the storage and memory market, the new BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone, offers more than 110,000 m² of production lines for chip manufacturing and the production of memory modules, memory cards and SSDs.  The company boasts independent hardware-, firmware development-, storage algorithm- and process development capability -- and is one of the few global storage enterprises capable of chip design as well as chip packaging and testing. The company also has branches in Asia, America and now in Europe to support our valuable business partners and markets closely.


Since 2016, BIWIN has also been an officially licensed partner of HP and is responsible for the complete portfolio of internal and external consumer SSDs and consumer DRAM memory modules. Founded in 1939, HP is a Fortune 500 company, a top global brand, and one of the 15 largest electronics companies in the world. 

Alex Rüdinger

BIWIN Europe

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